Consuming raisins three times per day may reduce postprandial (post-meal) sugar levels significantly, according to a new study. presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 72nd Annual Scientific Session.

The study (not surprisingly) funded by a grant from The California Raisin Marketing Board, involved 46 adults who had slight increases in glucose levels, but no previous diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. The researchers randomly assigned participants to two groups. The first group was told to snack on raisins three times per day for 12 weeks, while the second group snacked on pre-packaged commercial snacks that did not contain raisins or other fruits or vegetables.

The researchers found that raisins considerably reduced mean post-meal glucose levels by 16% whereas the other snacks had no effect.

Other recent research has also found that children eating a post-school snack of raisins, as compared to other snacks, consumed fewer calories and had greater satiety.


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